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Booking Inquiries

You can check availability at any time by beginning the reservation process. Don't worry - you won't be committed to your reservation until after you've entered your credit card details and confirm the purchase! For tours where we still need to wait for confirmation, the date will show available if the tour operator is operating on that date, but we can't guarantee availability until you receive your confirmation e-mail. TIP: Even though the dates show available, we can never be sure how much availability is left. Always book as soon as possible to lock in your dates!

Your phone number is sent over with your reservation if you book on Istanbul.com. This is to ensure the Tour Operator can reach you in case of an emergency. For this reason, we recommend providing a phone number that you will be able to answer while you’re travelling. Your address and e-mail address are never provided to the Tour Operator. TIP: Though your phone number has been given to the Tour Operator, you may still need to reconfirm your tour! Check under the Important section of your Ticket for more details.

Istanbul.com is only able to take bookings via our website.

Here’s a good way to narrow it down: o The main page for your destination, which features our most popular tours and activities in that place. o Specific activities. o Attraction and recommendation pages, which include insider tips about the top things to do in your destination. o You can also use the left navigation bar to look at types of activities in a particular destination, such as food tours, helicopter rides, etc.

Your credit card number and personal information are encrypted for transmission using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Istanbul.com never stores your credit card information and complies with the highest standard of PCI (payment card industry) compliance.

Many of our tours do! When you’ve selected a tour, look under the box that lists the price for the tour and you will see booking options listed. If the only option listed is 'Adult' then everyone who takes this tour will be charged the same rate.

We are not able make changes on itineraries. We have lots of options of tours. You can find the best for your expectations.

Yes – however, we do have some activities where, for security and fraud purposes, the Credit Card Holder and Lead Traveler name must be the same. You will get an error at checkout if you are attempting to book one of these tours. Unfortunately in these cases, the Lead Traveler would need to book themselves.

To see if a tour is accessible or not, please click on the Additional Info section. Any information we have been given about Wheelchair accessibility will be listed here.

In most cases, only the lead passenger will need their Photo ID. If every passenger in the party requires a separate ticket, each passenger may require their own ID as well. For security purposes, you will need to have an ID that matches the name you used when you booked your tour. Children generally do not need photo ID. Check your ticket details under the Important section to see what may be required. TIP: Some tours don't permit changes after you've made the reservation. For your peace of mind, be sure the name on your reservation matches the name on your photo ID when you book!

While travel insurance is not required, we highly recommend that you purchase a comprehensive travel insurance policy prior to departure to protect your travel purchases. At this time, Istanbul.com does not offer travel insurance, however our products can be covered under various independent insurance programs. If you do purchase travel insurance, please review your policy carefully for specific terms and conditions.

Istanbul.com unfortunately is not able to offer advice regarding visas, passports or health requirements for international travelers. Please check with your country’s consulate office for the most up-to-date details regarding the above.

Pricing for many of our private tours is based on the size of your group. When looking at a private tour on the website, you may notice that different ‘per-person’ pricing will appear depending on how many guests are in your group. Typically, the more people in the group, the lower the ‘per-person’ rate will be. The website will automatically show you a ‘per-person’ breakdown as well as the total cost prior to placing the tour in your shopping cart.

Istanbul.com will be live in different languages soon. Now only English.

With so many amazing activities on istanbul.com, we know it can be tough to choose! Here’s a good way to narrow it down: You can filter available tours by: • Price • Duration • Specials • Categories You can also use the left navigation bar to narrow down specific types of activities, such as cultural tours, day trips, food tours, kid friendly tours, etc. TIP: If you’re making a list of tours to look at later, be sure to write down the Tour Code - which can be found towards the bottom of the tour information page (in the section between Reviews and Similar Tours and Activities.) When you wish to return to the tour page, you can simply search the tour code.

You can add your notes at purchase page.

Booking Confirmations

Contact details for the local tour operator can be found on your Ticket under the heading Important Information.

“Reconfirmation” is when you call the local tour operator to double check the logistics of your tour before you begin. First, check your Ticket to see if reconfirmation is required for your activity (for many activities, it is not necessary). You’ll find this in the “Important Information” section. If reconfirmation is required, please call your local tour operator to reconfirm your pickup details at least 24 hours before your activity begins. Their contact information is also located in the “Important Information” section on your Ticket. Tip: If you won’t be arriving in your destination in time to reconfirm the pickup details (for example: you’re arriving the night before your activity), we ask that you reconfirm before you travel.

To get access to the advanced analytical tools related to your hotel promotion page located on istanbul.com , you can immediately register your hotel and be included in the list of PARTNER MEMBERs of istanbul.com. Our services provided to the hotels in the status of PARTNER MEMBERSHIP are as follows. - Creating comprehensive hotel profile page (comprehensive content + photo / video gallery + address + map + address description + phone number + web address with link ) - Creating photo + video gallery - Google maps featured with GeoMapping - Link that directs to the web-page of the hotel (SEO contribution) - Being listed in star categories + filtration/search feature (according to score + price + star) - Booking.com, TripAdvisor and Facebook points and TripAdvisor comments about the hotel - Prioritized demonstration of the companies with averaged 3.5 and above points on the category pages of istanbul.com. - An opportunity to sell events, experiences, and activities organized by the hotel on istanbul.com - Omni-channel access in membership process (web + mobile + tablet matching 7/24 page views) - Dynamic Activity, experience entry and admin panel - Organizing hotel profile and dashboard access for editing - Not to show Ads of other similar hotels on the hotel profile detail page - “Book Direct” link to the online sales page of the hotel - You can book directly to this hotel with BOOK DIRECT and get previous knowledge. Simply press the BOOK DIRECT link on the right. Giving “The most reasonable prices and conditions can be reached through the hotel's own website” information.  - BOOK DIRECT description text: “If you book directly with BOOK DIRECT to hotel, you will always have a quick and direct contact with the hotel. Thanks to this direct communication facilities, all your private and personal requests can be discussed one to one and your demands are met primarily and most efficiently. Being able to communicate directly, as in all areas of life, makes hotel-visitor connection closer and friendlier”. - "TUROB member" badge for TUROB member hotels - Appearances of events and experiences that are on sale and belongs to hotel on the hotel profile pages - An opportunity to take part in the topics on our City Life section.

Cancellation & Refunds

You can contact with us via email or phone. Most of the attractions can be cancelled 24 hours before the tour. But different hosts may have different rules about cancellation. You must read carefully their cancellation terms. As long as it complies with their terms, we’ll cancel your booking. If not, it will be subject to host approval.

Amendments & Changes

You can contact with us via email or phone. Different hosts may have different rules about amendments. You must read carefully their amendment terms. As long as it complies with their terms, we’ll amend your booking. If not, it will be subject to host approval.

Hotel Pick up / Drop off

Please include your hotel details at the time of booking and the local operator will provide your meeting location and time when you call to reconfirm your booking.

Even if your booking doesn’t include Hotel Pickup and Drop-off, the Tour Operator may ask for your details so they can contact you if anything changes regarding your itinerary. (IE: Weather related issues, mechanical problems, etc.) If you haven’t select

Best Price Guarantee

Istanbul.com's Best Price Guarantee protects you if you find a lower price for the same tour or activity offered by the same operator, priced in the same currency. Simply send us the details and we'll refund the price difference.


Through email Generally within 15 minutes of your booking. Sometime it takes up to 48 hours for some products. Please add [email protected] to your Safe Senders list to receive all our mails to your inbox. If you don’t receive the email, check your spam/junk folder. On Istanbul.com and Our App You can always access your ticket through your Istanbul.com account.

You can print your ticket at home and take it with you on travel. Be sure to print the whole thing includes barcode and meeting informations.


A receipt for your booking will be automatically e-mailed to you when you place your reservation.

Discount Codes

Istanbul.com offers two different types of promotions: • Some of our discounts are applied to your shopping cart automatically, as long as you shop using the special link provided. These are usually advertised specials on the website, however they can a

Review / Photos

Honest, unbiased reviews are very important to us! Only travelers who have booked through Istanbul.com may leave a review on the tours/activities that they have experienced.


Our Group Reservations generally start at 10 guests, however some tours with more limited availability may require you to go through Group Reservations if you’re going to be booking all of the transportation for an entire tour, or if you need to Charter a tour especially for your Group. Generally speaking, Group rates are the same as our website rates, but they can be more expensive depending on the needs of your party. Group rates are never discounted and promo codes cannot be applied to these reservations.

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