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You can become our Partner Restaurant/Bar with a yearly fee if you would like to promote your venue with special features to millions of its visitors and get direct bookings. Please check below for the pricing and package features. If you are a TURYID member, you can pay the partner membership fee with a special discount provided for TURYID members only. You can pay the fee via online form, either by credit card or by bank transfer. After becoming Partner Restaurant/Bar, you can then take advantage of our advanced Partner Membership services including adding your venue’s direct web link on your listing, and creating and selling unique experiences for your target audience via

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How to promote your Restaurant/Cafe/Bar

You can claim your Restaurant/Bar listing if it s already listed in Otherwise you can always add your Restaurant/Bar to for free. Just check out the Restaurant/Bars page and claim or add your Restaurant/Bar by filling out this form. Once you submit your information, our content team will control the accuracy of the information provided and carry out the listing procedure in related star categories on our Restaurant/Bar pages. To accelerate this process, please fill out the form with the most up-to-date and precise information. That’s all! As soon as the information you provided is verified by our content team, your Restaurant/Bar will be listed on free of charge.

After you claim or add your Restaurant/Bar to successfully, we will send you an administration panel link for you to view and update your Restaurant/Bar's detailed information in our platform at anytime.

You can also become our Partner Restaurant/Bar with a yearly fee if you would like to promote your Restaurant/Bar to its visitors and get direct bookings via Book Direct by purchasing our Restaurant/Bar Partner promotion package in your Restaurant/Bar's administration panel. Please check below for the pricing and package features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Refer to these Q&As to have a better understand the details

If you are the owner or manager of a recently-opened Restaurant/Café/Bar or an enterprise which is not listed on, you can reach us via form. When you fill and submit the form, our content team will control the accuracy of this information and get back to you. First of all, to create your enterprise’s page, your enterprise will be identified as a STANDARD MEMBER and you will be registered free of charge. To accelerate this process, please remember to fill out the form correctly. As soon as the information you provide is verified by our content team, you can update and edit your venue’s profile page.

You have to send a request via form. Once the information regarding your venue is verified, your enterprise will be a STANDARD MEMBER, then you can update and edit your information free of charge.

STANDARD MEMBERSHIP on is a completely free service. To do this, you need to contact us and send a request at first. When the shared information related to your institution is verified by our content team, you can benefit from our STANDARD MEMBERSHIP service free of charge and promote your venue through

STANDARD MEMBERSHIP allows you to promote your enterprise all over the world through without paying any price within the framework of certain limits. In this context, the services provided allow you to update your existing content. is not a booking website. Our primary purpose is to provide our native and foreign visitors with an opportunity to have access to the latest content related to Istanbul, the top-quality and interesting sightseeing tours, local experience and events, online buying opportunities, and to promote all hotels and restaurants that enriches Istanbul. If you switch to a PARTNER MEMBERSHIP, your venue will be given a DIRECT RESERVATION link. Users interested in your venue will be directed to your page through this link.

Of course, it is possible. All our venues that have the PARTNER MEMBERSHIP status are given “DIRECT RESERVATION” link via Our purpose is to provide the “Partner Member” enterprises with the opportunity to get reservations directly through a link via to their webpages and create online reservation awareness for the visitors and users.

Additionally, you will be given a dynamic call service for your business phone number in mobile visibility.

To get access to the advanced analytical tools related to your Restaurant/Café/Bar promotion page located on , you can immediately own your enterprise and be included in the list of PARTNER MEMBERS of Our services provided to the enterprises in the status of PARTNER MEMBERSHIP are as follows:

- Creating comprehensive Restaurant/Café/Bar page (Venue promotion content + photo / video gallery + address + map + address description + phone numbers + web address with link )
- Creating photo + video gallery
- Google maps featured with GeoMapping
- Link that directs the web-page of Restaurant/Cafe (SEO contribution)
- Being listed in kitchen categories represented by the venue + filtration/search feature (according to score + price + category)
- TripAdvisor and Facebook points and TripAdvisor comments for the venue
- Prioritized demonstration of the companies with averaged 3.5 and above points on the category pages of
- An opportunity to sell events, experiences, and activities organized by Restaurant/Café/Bar on
- Omni-channel access in membership process (web + mobile + tablet matching 7/24 page views)
- Event/experience entry and admin panel for Restaurant/Café/Bar
- Organizing and editing panel for the profile content of Restaurant/Café/Bar
- Not to show Ads of other similar venues on Restaurant/Café/Bar profile page
- DIRECT RESERVATION link to Restaurant/Café/Bar
- “You can make reservation for this venue quickly via DIRECT BOOKING link on the right” information
- Given dynamic call service for your business phone number in mobile visibility
- “TURYID Member” badge for TURYID Member Restaurant/Café/Bar
- Appearances of events and experiences that belongs to Restaurant/Café/Bar on the venue profile page
- An opportunity to take part in the topics in our “City Life” section

The membership fee is only $500 + vat annually so you can become a partner member and benefit from all these services. This price has been determined for all enterprises that are members of TURYID (Turkish Restaurant & Entertainment Association).

Please contact us via the link for this. If you are a PARTNER MEMBER , you can benefit from the PARTNER MEMBERSHIP services such as updating your venue promotion information at any time, receiving a link for your website via, making changes in your content, creating experiences and activities and selling them via

If your enterprise is a member of TURYID, you can pay the PARTNER MEMBERSHIP price with a special discount for TURYID member. For the TURYID member hotels, the price for 1-year PARTNER for the year 2019 is $500 + VAT / Year. For non-TURYIB enterprises, the price is $750 + VAT / Year. Also, TURYIB member enterprises have “TURYIB member” badge.

PARTNER MEMBERSHIP can be paid via link online either by credit card or by choosing the bank transfer option.

If you would like to sell your experiences that you host and think they can be suitable to be sold on’s target audience via our website, please create your free registration via Apply to be a Supplier & Host link.

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